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Welcome to the premier editing and proofreading service offering tailored solutions to writers. Here, we understand the demands of tight deadlines and offer a proactive and streamlined one-to-one service.

Picture of John S. Geddes - manuscript editing services and professional copywriting UKJohnny S. Geddes says: "I have an Eagle eye. It is consistently drawn to errors in works ranging from high profile journalism to obscure biographies. These errors are always embarrassing for the writer, and they can result in a crushing loss of credibility.

I frequently cringe at poorly written advertisements, wondering if those responsible are aware that it only takes one typographical error, one poorly worded sentence, bad formatting or a failure to appreciate English idioms to turn off prospective clients."

Words are what we're all about, so:

Tick - invest in professional copywritingNeed to find winning words to promote your business? Let The Text Vet® supply the words that bring success!

Students! It's hard (especially if written English is not your strength) to produce the best words to convey your meaning every time. The Text Vet® can enhance your writing to help you get better grades!

Tick - Writing composition helpAre you a writer? Whatever you have written, The Text Vet® is your first choice for ensuring that your work reads flawlessly and makes the intended impact.

Tick - Professional document editing UKCalling North American writers and promoters! Need a high quality 'translation' service? Trust The Text Vet® to present your very best to your UK or European market!

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